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Belvetro is a company established from people with a lot of experience in the production and commercialized of artistic glass.

It is divided in different competence area such as project, production and assembly of lighting and furnishing products. Inside of the company, there is, also, the furnace where expert master glass work than there is a stock, continuously up to date and restocked that guarantee always the presence of articles for prompt delivery.

Belvetro srl wants to propose to the market a product entirely Italian which follows the traditions of Murano glass and the work ‘s technique coming from glass makers like Murano Chandelier.

Belvetro can guarantee a very competitive prices because it is a production company in fact according to the company philosophy, a product is competitive when it has a right price. Belvetro wants to make it easier to buy Murano glass products to all those who love high quality handmade objects.

Murano Chandeliers: Belvetro follow Venetian Tradition