• Dorian ceiling lights in blown glass with twisted rigadin decoration, in white, amber and pink. The classic Murano decoration revised for your homes.
  • Pieces of colored Murano glass rods decorate these ceiling lights from the Joplin collection in a casual way (almost). Formidable and exclusive Murano glass processing performed to make these lamps. The positioning of the glass rods is carried out with great care and precision by skilled Murano glass masters, who place the pieces of glass rod one by one in a plate and then be fused together with the milky white forming a surprising and magnificent work of art. This process gives a touch of color and modernity of rare beauty. A magnificent piece of furniture that will amaze your guests. At the end of the process the result is a unique object and above all each piece is different from the other, both in color and shape of the design. Ceiling lights that in addition to illuminating with "special effects" will give elegance and freshness to any of your surroundings.
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