Anphora Murano Glass Blown Vase


Murrine, stars and flowers, designs, multitude of colors … immersed in the glassy mass and fused each time into a unique and inimitable masterpiece.

Murano blown glass vase.

The classic Vase with Venetian Murrine, mouth-blown by our Murano Masters.


An object that enriches your home with the emotions and colors of beautiful Venice.


Every step of the workmanship is handcrafted, each piece is unique original, signed and with BELVETROMURANO guarantee.


Available sizes:

small height about h.36cm, diameter 22cm

large height about h.47cm, diameter 27cm


Since the workmanship is completely handmade by Master Glassmakers, small variations in decorations and colors can occur, making the product a unique handcrafted work.


Blown glass vase following the oldest Murano techniques.


Each stage of workmanship is handcrafted, each piece may differ in decoration from the photo as each item is Unique.

Provided with Certificate of Warranty. Delivery is in 10-20 days by 100% insured express courier.

Would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you choose your Murano glass, a value that lasts.


La Murrina

Murrina glass is made from a glass rod made entirely by hand using a unique system known only on the island of Murano and is composed of several steps and overlaps, using exclusively artisanal methods, giving the glass a cylindrical shape, after marbling it several times on the bronz├Čn (a metal surface).

It is a very old technique dating back to the early 1900s and is currently made only on the island of Murano by Murano master glassmakers, this type of workmanship so difficult and rare has been handed down from father to son for hundreds of years, and still to this day remains the only system for creating a true Venetian Murrina glass rod, repeating today as hundreds of years ago the same steps and the same craftsmanship system to be able to produce such a unique and original glass of its kind. This is why it is becoming increasingly difficult and rare to find items made of real Venetian Murrina Glass

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