Ca’ d’Oro wall lamp Murano glass


Modern and essential lines, striking colors to strike those who look without frills and accessories. A clean and minimal figure that adapts to any environment.



Hand-crafted wall lamp by Murano masters, which rediscovers the history of Venetian traditions of the art of glass with the precision and attention to detail that distinguishes us.


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The famous Ca’ d’Oro, a patrician residence that with its undeniable beauty manages to enchant those who look at it, emblem of an entire city, which has become one of its most characteristic symbols.
One of the highest expressions of late Gothic, called flowery, the Ca’ d’Oro dominates the left bank of the Grand Canal in the Cannaregio district with its rich and asymmetrical facade.

The history of the Ca’ d’Oro, which has known the splendour of glory, the decadence of neglect, the raids of unholy interventions until reaching the love of a man who has dedicated years and effort of his life, is long and overwhelming.

The palace was built by Mario Contarini, an exponent of a rich doge family of the city. At the beginning of the fifteenth century Marino married the young heiress Soramador Zeno, who in dowry brought some properties located in the area of Santa Sofia, including the Ca’ Zeno overlooking the Grand Canal. The two newlyweds, then, went to live in this house, but because of a family quarrel Contarini was forced to re-buy the property and when his wife died, as if to break with the past, decided to demolish it and build a new one. This thesis is still much debated today because over the years the hypothesis has taken shape that he had simply incorporated the existing building into the new one. We will remain with doubt

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amber, crystal, grey, red

Number of lights

2, 3

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