Diuk Opera Unica Murano by Paolo Crepax


Unique work in Murano glass executed freehand by Master Paolo Crepax.

A simple shape that hides a special and difficult workmanship, which is formed by heat welding two different masses of glass called “INCALMO.”


Dark amber, brown, is associated with earth and nature-but with nature in its lethargic state: autumn and winter more than spring and summer.

It is the color of tilled land, of fields in winter, of the forest after a storm: it suggests security, stability, strength.


Height cm46, diameter cm18


Murano glass work by Master Paolo Crepax.

The work is delivered numbered and personally signed by the master who made it in the Belvetro Murano furnace.

On order, the company gives the opportunity to order works made especially for you with videos of the entire production stage in which the customer’s name will be highlighted to achieve exclusivity.


Master Paolo Crepax

at the tender age of 10 he began working with master glassmaker Livio Seguso then in 1966 at age 16 Master Scarpa Fulvio gave him his first “Maestro” square until 1973 when Master Paolo Crepax began an independent path and opened a furnace the Vetreria Clown Murano. Start production of clown clowns, Venetian Goldonian weasels and other souvenirs.
In 1979 Paolo Crepax innovator and immersed in the vital artistic life of the Venice of the time transformed the glassworks Clown srl into “Filigrana srl” with an artistic orientation in particular on the workmanship precisely called “Filigrana,” the research expanded into an experimental path in the world of lighting and objects and began a successful production with the Filigrana technique.
In 1984, Paolo Crepax began to increase quality by focusing on contemporary creativity and subsequently began working for established firms such as Firma di Vetro, Leucos, Artemide, Vistosi, OtyLight, etc.

In recent years he has dabbled in painting, pouring his colors and artistic visions onto canvases.

His thought …

After 54 years of work for me it is as if it were still the first day. I couldn’t help working with this extraordinary and fascinating subject matter, an art that doesn’t let you sleep at night, waking you up at 3 a.m., sketching a design and wanting to see it materialize in glass. Even better to finish the work on Friday and eagerly wait for Monday to resume “Living“.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 46 × 18 cm


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