Febe Murano table lamp


Table lamp in Murano glass, freely worked and blown with the application of pieces of Chopsticks in colored reed by Maestro Paolo Crepax.

This particular decoration consists in the creation of the blown lamp without the use of molds, which stands out thanks to the lively colored sticks in glass paste that mix on the white background creating for each single piece a pattern never the same and always different in colors and design.🎨


Bulb lamp E14 LED max 12W


Lamp made by free hand by Murano masters, who rediscover the history of Venetian traditions of the art of glass with the precision and attention to detail that distinguishes us.


Each stage of the work is handmade, each piece can differ in decoration compared to the photo as each object is unique.

Provided with Guarantee Certificate and signed by hand by the Master.

Delivery takes 20-30 days with 100% guaranteed express courier service.

Would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you in choosing your Murano chandelier, a value that lasts over time.


As every myth wants, glass was discovered in the past accidentally, millions of years ago around a big fire in the Mesopotamian desert. The fire suddenly transformed the opaque and granular silicon into a different material.

The archaeological discovery somewhere between Mesopotamia and Egypt, is dated to the fourth millennium B.C.

Initially glass was considered a precious metal, as the process of “forging” it was extremely complex to obtain.

A decisive moment in the history of glass was the invention of the blowpipe (metal tube for blowing glass), in Syria around the first century B.C. This changed the way glass was produced, increasing its applications. Method consolidated during the Roman Empire.

In the Hellenic world glass was very common for the transport and trade of perfumes, in the form of ointment and jars.

The first glass windows were designed in ancient Rome for the use of noble residences.

In the Middle Ages Venice became the place where the finest glass was produced. Many glass masters worked for safety reasons in Murano Island.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 28 × 30 cm


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