Fergie limited edition Murano glass by Luca Zanvit


Glass vase completely executed freehand with square murrine sapphire blue and milky white.

The classic shape meets new and customized colors and murrines.

Important dimensions cm. 31×16 h. 57



Each stage of processing is handcrafted, each piece may differ in decoration from the photo as each object is unique.

The delivered work is exactly that reproduced in the photo, numbered and personally signed by the Master who made it in the Belvetro Murano furnace in a particular moment of artistic inspiration.

Provided with Certificate of Guarantee and hand signed by the Maestro.

On order, the company gives the opportunity to order works made specifically for you with videos of the entire production phase in which the name of the customer will be highlighted to obtain its exclusivity.


Master Luca Zanvit
He soon began working in a glassworks as a glassworks boy.
His desire to learn soon brought him under the wing of various masters who taught him the work but especially to love the glass and its techniques millenary.
He distinguished himself early for his dedication and speed of learning, so that Master Paolo Crepax took him as a student teaching him especially the technique of making the Venetian murrine.
He becomes a master blower very early and stands out for his power and for being able to blow objects of high size.
For his pleasure he creates works in glass, beginning with the production of murrine and then finish with the realization of an immortal object.


La Murrina

Murrina glass is made from a glass tube made entirely by hand with a unique system in the world, known only in the island of Murano and is composed of several steps and overlapping, with exclusively artisanal methods, giving the glass a cylindrical shape, after having marbled it several times on the “bronzìn” (a metal plane).

It is a very old technique that dates back to the early 1900s and is currently only made on the island of Murano by the Murano glassmakers, this type of processing so difficult and rare has been handed down from father to son for hundreds of years, and still today remains the only system to create a real glass barrel by Murrina Veneziana, repeating today as hundreds of years ago the same steps and the same artisanal system to be able to produce such a unique and original glass of its kind. This is why it is becoming increasingly difficult and rare to find articles made of real Murrina Veneziana glass.

“Reinterpreting an object of ancient tradition as a Murano glass means playing with details. And playing with details is an art”

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 31 × 16 × 57 cm


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