Goto TEA GREEN Murano glass

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Goto in Murano glass with pieces of multicolored murrine.
The murrine of Murano are made with ancient preparation long and particular. Like every process this also generates waste glass and being 100% recyclable glass we decided to use these pieces of murrina to make these green Goti.
Beautiful and colorful do not envy anything to the whole murrine.

About h.11 cm d.8 cm.

Each stage of the process is handmade, each piece may differ in decoration compared to the photo as each object is unique.
Provided with Warranty Certificate. Delivery takes 5/10 days with 100% insured express courier.
Would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you in choosing your Murano glass, a value that lasts over time.


Goti de Fornasa – Glasses in Murano Glass

In the glass furnace works a real team, composed of the master glassmaker, the first helper (the servant) and the second one (the serventino) who have the task of collaborating to work the glass mass until obtaining the desired object, To which are added the garzoni and the forcellante, the latter with the delicate task of putting every single item produced back in the oven for tempering and cooling.

To refresh themselves they used goti Murano glass blown by themselves, each different from the other in color and shape to not confuse it with the glass of another master.

These are the Goti De Fornasa, Murano glasses and their history.

First made only with the aim of not confusing them, then became objects of furniture and everyday use; today the glasses Gothic, enrich and color our tables.

Washable in the dishwasher.

Ideal for gift ideas and wedding lists. They have a capacity of about 330ML (one can)

They are shipped in durable packaging and 100% insured shipping

The photo is indicative of the product, some details can change since it is totally handmade.

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