Gregorio chandelier Murano glass

415,001.620,00(Approx. $441,87 - $1.724,87)

Particular chandelier with flowers as cups embellished by green decorations and embellished by gold.

Gregorio Model made rigadin crystal cups with white and green decorations and 24k gold.


Chandelier handmade by Murano masters who rediscovers the history of Venetian art glass traditions by precision and attention that characterised us.


Each stage of the work is handmade and the chandelier ordered will be executed specifically for your home.


With Certificate of Warranty and Authenticity Belvetro Murano.

Each chandelier is shipped with included spare parts and assembly instructions for quick and easy assembly.

Delivery takes 30-40 days with 100% guaranteed express courier service.

Would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you in choosing your Murano chandelier, a value that lasts over time.

Church of San Gregorio (Venice)

The former church of San Gregorio is a deconsecrated religious building in Venice, located in the Dorsoduro district.
It overlooks the homonymous field a few steps from the basilica of Santa Maria della SaluteErected, it seems, at the beginning of the ninth century, in 989 was submitted to the Benedictines of the Abbey of Sant’Ilario. Due to the decline of the latter, in the following years there was a progressive transfer of monks to San Gregorio which culminated in 1214, when it became the main seat of the community.
At the same time the church exercised parish functions, attested in a document of 1164, with priests appointed by the monks.
It was originally affiliated to the church of Santa Maria Zobenigo so that the parish priest was obliged to go to the matrix on the Holy Saturday to attend the blessing of the baptismal font, receiving holy water.
Reduced to a commend in 1450, the abbey went through a long period of both economic and spiritual decadence that ended with the suppression of the monastery in 1775. The church briefly held the role of parish church, but was closed to worship in 1808 under Napoleon and its jurisdiction passed to Santa Maria del Rosario (vulgo Gesuati). While the buildings of the monastery were used as dwellings, the church was occupied by a workshop of the Mint for the gold refinery. After the restoration of the years 1959-60 it was used as a restoration laboratory of the Superintendence for the artistic and historical heritage of Venice. Today it is long in disuse.
The current building is the result of the fifteenth-century reconstruction by Antonio Cremonese, who replaced the previous Venetian-Byzantine style Gothic.
The gabled facade is tripartite with four pilasters. In the center are the portal, enclosed by an elegant rosette frame, and, just above, the large rose window. The full of exposed bricks is lightened by two overlapping mullioned windows on each side.
Inside, with a single nave, there are still remains of frescoes. Interesting are the three apses with trussed ceilings.

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