Lanterna lantern Murano glass

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Classic balloton decoration for a timeless suspension suitable for any environment inside or outside your home.

Available in crystal , amber or white.


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Venetian lantern in Murano glass blown by mouth.

The incandescent mass of the glass is blown directly into the steel cage which must be perfect to prevent the welds from collapsing with the pressure of the glass.

The work is complete with chain with maritime rings and ceiling rose in anthracite black and available in three colors and sizes.


At the end of the process the result is a unique object and especially each piece is different from the other, both in color and shape.

Provided with Belvetromurano sticker and Guarantee Certificate. Delivery by courier insured.

Delivery takes place in 30/40 days by 100% insured express courier.


The history of the famous street lamps of Venice

From the year 1000, we have certain news of the first rudimentary measure adopted by the city of Venice for the illumination of the streets and its many canals. Up to that date, night traffic was a decidedly risky undertaking; just think how the total lack of light to illuminate the streets was added to the deeper darkness of shops and homes.

Being built entirely of wood, it was forbidden to light lights or fires due to the always frequent danger of fires.

Starting from 1128, under the Doge Domenico Michiel, some lights began to appear, placed on the walls of the houses, with the function of burning all night and “instilling” courage to the wayfarers who could see them even from a distance. However, this was a regulation which, although partly responding to the needs of the time, was absolutely disproportionate to the needs.

It seems that alongside the personal equipment recommended to move at night ( torches and later lanterns) in particular circumstances of pestilence, riots, or when it was more urgent and necessary protection against criminals, the lighting could be imposed on the owners of the houses by ordering them to place a lantern with a burning tallow candle on the windows of the first floor.

With such systems and measures it will come to the year 1730 when it was finally arranged the rational lighting of the entire city with oil lights. The first 843, fixtures on the walls of the palaces, increased to 1750, in 1761, and 1778 in April 1773.

A document states that at the beginning of the 19th century the Serenissima had 2030 lights scattered throughout the city. In charge of the lighting were the boilers, lampposts equipped with ladder and the necessary equipment to be able to perform at best this operation.

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