Taty limited edition Murano glass by Paolo Crepax


Centerpiece in Murano glass made entirely by free hand by Maestro Paolo Crepax.

Incalmo is a Muranese technique that dates back to the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries, consisting in the hot welding of two open blows, generally of different color.

In this way the two blows, having the same diameter, heated to the furnace mouth, are immediately heat-welded, that is “incalmati”. After this first phase, the object thus obtained is freed from the “pontello” (full iron on which the piece was fixed on the opposite side to the blowpipe) and after having standardised the surface through the operation of the “marmorizzar” you pass to the forming of the object you want to achieve.

In this case, the smoke grey and the bright green give life to an elegant and modern centerpiece.



Limited edition

This section is dedicated to unique works made by the most famous Masters of Murano for our glassworks.
The work delivered is exactly the one reproduced in the photo, personally signed by the Master who made it in the furnace of Belvetro Murano in a particular moment of artistic inspiration.

On order, the company gives the opportunity to order works made specifically for you with videos of the entire production phase in which the name of the customer will be highlighted to obtain its exclusivity.


Master Paolo Crepax
at the tender age of 10 years begins to work with the master glassmaker Livio Seguso then in 1966 at 16 years Master Scarpa Fulvio gave him his first square as “Master” until 1973 when Maestro Paolo Crepax began an independent journey and opened a furnace Vetreria Clown Murano. He began the production of clowns clowns, Venetian ladies and other souvenirs.
In 1979 Paolo Crepax innovator and immersed in the vital artistic life of the Venice of the time transforms the glassworks Clown srl in “Filigrana srl” with an artistic orientation in particular on the processing precisely called “Filigrana”, the research expands into an experimental path in the world of lighting and objects and begins a successful production with the technique of filigree.
In 1984 Paolo Crepax began to increase quality by focusing on contemporary creativity and then began working for established companies such as Glass Signature, Leucos, Artemis, Vistosi, Otylight, etc.

In recent years he has dabbled with painting, pouring into the canvases his colors and his artistic visions.

His thought of it …
“After 54 years of work for me it is as if it were still the first day. I could not help but work this extraordinary and fascinating subject, an art that does not sleep at night, wakes you at 3 in the morning, sketch a drawing and want to see it materialize in the glass. Even nicer to finish the work on Friday and wait anxiously on Monday to resume “Living”.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 49 × 49 × 13 cm


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