Vitale table lamp Murano glass

138,00(Approx. $144,90)

Vitale model made of transparent crystal glass with twisted rigadin and baloton processing, the decorations are made with ruby “Mace” and aquamarine, the flowers are in striated and polychrome glass paste, chrome metal parts.


Wall lamp hand-crafted by Murano masters, who rediscover the entire history and traditions of the Venetian art of glass with the precision in detail that distinguishes us.

Each stage of the processing is artisanal and the ordered item will be executed specifically for your home.
With Certificate of Warranty and Authenticity Belvetro Murano.

Each item is shipped with included spare parts and assembly instructions for quick and easy assembly.
Delivery takes 30-40 days with 100% guaranteed express courier service.
Would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you in choosing your Murano chandelier, a value that lasts over time.

Vitale II Michiel
Difficult to reconstruct its origins and kinship. If the genealogists would like him to be the son of the doge Domenico, in fact it is not possible to establish to which branch of the family Michiel belonged. His descendants lived in the parish of San Giuliano, so it is reasonable to think that he was linked to the line established in that area with the judge Andrea known as Maior, who died around 1125.
There are also no previous references to his election, but later documents allow to establish the size of his estate: in 1157 are attested some loans that he had given in exchange for guarantees represented by land and salt mines; some were not repaid, and the Michiel came into possession of numerous properties distributed mainly in the area of Chioggia. These possessions, to which were added others regularly acquired, were inherited intact by his sons.
Michiel assumed power after the death of Domenico Morosini in February 1155. In the same year he issued his first documented act: a concession to a consortium of private individuals concerning the exploitation of state assets of the Duchy located in Constantinople. He was the last doge to be appointed by designation, as his successor, Sebastiano Ziani, was elected.


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