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Belvetro is a company created by business men and Masters’ glass and it is characterized by a commercial and innovative philosophy.

The production and commercialization of the glass are always come from different steps to arrive, finally, in the hand of the user. All these steps request, necessarily, a lot of money for the distribution so that the final price will be more expensive.

Belvetro’s staff is convince the this kind of system work is slowly becoming obsolete and in the future will be substitute from technical innovations which are become part of our daily life.

To this reason we have decided to sell EXCLUSIVELY our products through our web-site so that the final client gives back four important advantages which are the main important goal of our political commercial-productive:

  • Reduction of delivery time and directly connection from maker and user for a great satisfaction of the customer
  • Reduction of commercialization cost (maker and seller are the same person)
  • No advertising costs, diffusion of the products and brand by a viral way . Users talk each other with all the world.
  • Targed price and decide only in the respect of only our business cost.

Belvetro apply special prices to their products. we call it “transparent price”.

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