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Are all your products made by the most ancient technical processing of the Murano glass?

Belvetro made in its glasswork only artistic manufacture in the respect of the most ancient technical processing of the Murano glass.

Why our prices are the best?

We are producer who have chosen to commercialized our products directly on-line to the purpose to do not have broker and give the Customer the best price . Also Belvetro do not sell the brand Murano but its glass’ tradition, for this reason the price we give to you is not cheap but restrained respect others Murano products, it is the correct price for a products made following the tradition.

Do you give the Customer a certify of authenticity of the product?

Each product is deliver with its own certificate of originality which certify the realization 100% in our own furnace following the ancient technical of processing of the Murano masters.

How will it be the delivery after complete the purchase?

The delivery is made by the best express couriers national and international, selected by them capacity to reach, the most fast possible, the destination.
All the deliveries travel with insurance, to our expense, for damage and robbery.

Do you expedite in all world?

Sure we will delivery in all world by express insurance courier.

Is it possible to track the delivery?

Belvetro relies exclusively to a courier that use, in their proceed, the possibility to trace in fast and secure way the position of the pack.

How much is the transport cost?

The transport is free for all national territory.

For delivery in the UE the cost of transport is of €. 28,00 and for the rest of the world the amount change depends of destination and it will be specify in our order confirmation.

Is the packing safe?

The packaging of all products are made by professional persons and expert in the affixing blister sealed under vacuum.

What happened if the product will be damage during the transport?

Inside of the pack, each product has the right spare parts. If it will be brooked accidental other pieces, Belvetro will provide immediately to send a spare part for the part damage.

How can request, in case of breakage , the damage part?

The request procedure is very easy , it just need to send an e-mail to [email protected] with the specify of the order and in attachment the picture of the damage parts.

Which are the delivery time?

Delivery time goes from 5 to 30 working days. In exceptional case the delivery of the product should exceed the maximum time, Belvetro will send a communication of new term and give thye Customer the possibility to renegotiate the buy.

Could be utilize bulb in saving energy?

Yes, in all products it is possible to utilize bulb in saving energy.

Is it possible to visit the company which realize the products?

Yes, by appointment, it is possible to have a guided tour with a official from our glasswork where you can see, also, the exposition of all our products.

How can I do to give the unwanted or defected product back?

The right of withdrawal or the return is always simplified by using the appropriate form ( return ??no problem ) to fill in and send.

Are the chandeliers wired?

Yes, they are. Every chandelier is provided with wirings which comply with the EU legislation CE or with the UL legislation (for USA market)

Is the assembly of the chandeliers complicated?

No, it isn’t. The assembly of the parts is not complicated at all. Following the instruction, the operation will be very brief and in case of difficulty we will provide you with a step by step telephone assistance.

We discharge ourselves of liability for the connection made by non-authorized people.

Is it possible to modify dimensions and details of the products?

Yes, it is. Upon agreement by e-mail or telephone call, and in the rationality limit we can study specifically the product for your interior design and space needs.

Is it possible to order a classic model of chandelier from Murano not present on the web site?

Yes, of course it is. In fact, not all our extended selection of lighting is on-line, therefore on your precise requests with specified descriptions or photos ad hoc we will be able to produce a customized estimate of costs.

Which are the accepted payment methods?

We accept every payment method, from the bank transfer to the credit card payment by PayPal (most safe web-based service for online payment).

Who guarantee the product delivery?

We and our thousands client who have already bought from us during these years.

We are a serious firm with the mission to satisfy our client, every purchase will be confirmed by e-mail which attests your order, requires the payment, and create the delivery obligation of products in time and following the specified descriptions.

Restitution of undesired products

You can cancel the contract of purchase within 14 days from the date of the product receiving, even without giving the reasons, only communicating it to us by a registered letter or by e-mail to [email protected] or filling the form Return No Problem.

Our repayment will occur, after having verified the substantial integrity of the returned product, within the 14 days following the product receiving, anyway it will always follow a deposit of the product as the client could be responsible uniquely of the deterioration in value due to an incorrect handling.
The product will be delivered by our courier and the shipping cost will be borne by the client and will be subtract from the repayment.