Goto of Fornasa Lila Amber Murano Glass Glasses


Goti de Fornasa ” Murano glass in Amber color and balloton workmanship, mouth-blown and artistically handcrafted.


BALLOTON: Technique used to achieve a particular optical effect. It is based on the use of a metal mold containing small square-based pyramid points inside, which, in blowing, give a cross-relief effect.


Goto in Venetian dialect represents the glass that was used in the kilns. Handcrafted by our master glassmakers according to the ancient Murano art, these are table goblets with Murrine. Their characteristic is that they are different from each other, differing in shape and color, and this enhances their value, making each piece unique, giving a touch of design and color to your table.


Measure height 11cm, diameter 8cm, approx.

Dishwasher safe.


Each piece is unique and comes with a BelvetroMurano Warranty Certificate.


Since the workmanship is completely handmade by Master Glassmakers, small variations in decorations and colors can occur, making the product a unique handcrafted work.


Goti de Fornasa – Glasses in Murano Glass

A real team works in the glass furnace, consisting of the master glassmaker, the helper at first (the “servant”) and by the one in second (the “serventine”) whose task is to cooperate in working the glassy mass until the desired object is obtained, to which are added the “workmen.” and the “forcelling”, the latter with the delicate task of putting each item produced back into the oven for it to temper and cool.

To refresh themselves they usedMurano glassgoti” (glasses) blown by themselves, each one different from the other in color and shape so as not to confuse it with another master’s glass.

These are Goti De Fornasa, Murano glasses and their history.

First made only for the purpose of not confusing them, then they became objects of decoration and daily use; today Gothic glasses, enrich and color our tables.

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