OSLO Murano Glass Vase


Glass vase blown and handcrafted following the ancient technique of the Murano Masters.

Classic forms of the ancient Murano art of glassmaking but with a design that is always up-to-date, a mouth-blown vase in the colors of our kiln and incamiciato lattimo white.


The bright, the strong, the welcoming green that every day recites the mantra of life and says forest and meadow and leaf and other words that we no longer want to hear. Only children and animals still know how green is green.
(Fabrizio Caramagna) 💚


Available in two sizes, medium and large, and in many color variations to accommodate any of your desires.

280: height 28cm, diameter 14cm

370: height 37cm, diameter 18cm


All our products are signed and come with the BELVETROMURANO Certificate of Warranty.


Since the workmanship is completely handmade by Master Glassmakers, small variations in decorations and colors can occur, making the product a unique handcrafted work.


Glass vase blown by Murano masters, rediscovering the history of the Venetian traditions of glass art with the precision and attention to detail that sets us apart.


Each stage of workmanship is handcrafted, each piece may differ in decoration from the photo as each item is Unique.

Provided with BELVETROMURANO Certificate of Warranty.

Delivery is in 10-20 days by 100% insured express courier.

Would you like more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you choose your Murano object, a value that lasts.



The blown glass

As any myth would have it, glass was discovered in the past accidentally millions of years ago around a large fire in the Mesopotamian desert. The fire suddenly transformed the dull, grainy silicon into a different material.

The archaeological discovery somewhere between Mesopotamia and Egypt is dated in the fourth millennium B.C.

Initially, glass was considered a precious metal, as the process to “forge” it was extremely complex to obtain.

A decisive moment in the history of glass was the invention of the blowpipe (metal tube for blowing glass) in Syria around the first century B.C. This changed the way glass was produced and increased its applications. Method established during the Roman Empire.

In the Hellenic world, glass was popular for transporting and trading perfumes, in the form of unguentaria and jars.

The first glass windows were designed in ancient Rome for use in noble residences.

In the Middle Ages Venice became the place where the most exquisite glass was produced. Many glass masters operated for security reasons on Murano Island.

Some of these glass factories are still open today and produce true glass masterpieces. Through the centuries the Venetian and Murano glass tradition was consolidated in the unique craftsmanship of the Murano Masters (who had permanently moved to the Island of Murano from that of Venice), which then passed from father to son.


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280, 370

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